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Peak Oil Profiteer (EN/DE/FR/ES) “Essen Spiel 2022”

40,00 €
Impuestos incluidos 48-72h

Limited Pre-order copies of Peak Oil Profiteer for Essen Pick up ONLY! 


Be among the first to enjoy this tactical masterpiece by reserving one of the few copies that we’re sending from the factory directly to the Spiel ‘22 convention. Be quick - very few copies available!


Advanced Game. 1-5 Players, ages 14+ and takes 30-60 minutes to play. 


As a top Oil Executive, you're sent to a war-torn nation with a lot of oil - but no-one to help sell it! 


As control of Oil Fields passes between the hands of the so-called Government, the National Liberation Front and the Guerilla Militia, you’ll have to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time - with the right faction leader in your pocket - to profit!

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A tense tactical game where you’ll play action cards simultaneously as you constantly try to second-guess your competitors. 

Control over regions is constantly changing from one faction to another - so you’ll want to bribe and blackmail their leaders to make all your plans easier - and cheaper - to execute. 

Sell weapons, build oil towers for big rewards or control the docks. Anything to make your competitors' lives harder whilst keeping the oil - and money - flowing in your direction.


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