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Safari Splash (EN/DE/FR/ES) “Essen Spiel 2022“

15,00 €
Impuestos incluidos 48-72h

Limited Pre-orders copies of Safari Splash available for Essen Pick up! 

Be among the first to enjoy this fast paced card game by reserving one of the few copies that we’re sending from the factory directly to Spiel ‘22.

It’s very expensive to ship so many animals over - so there won’t be many copies available. Book now to grab your convention copy!

Family Game for 2-6 players, ages 6+ that takes just 1 min to play!

Ride a raft down the wildest river in the savannah. Snapping your favourite animals along the way whilst trying to avoid the animals that you’re not a fan of! .

Watch out – SPLASH, a whirlpool! Everything is going so fast - it’s hard to be sure exactly what you're taking pictures of!

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A real-time game (with app support) where players grab face down safari cards from the centre of the table, flip them over, and add them to their own river - hoping to spot the best animals along the way.

The back of each Safari card shows 3 animals, but only 2 of those are on the other side. So players need to carefully select the safari cards, and then place them in their area so that they form a continuous river full of the animals they like.

When a player takes and flips a card containing a whirlpool, they shout "SPLASH!" and each player gives the safari card they're holding to the player to their left.

Once the time is up, players check their river, counting points as laid out in their scoring card. The player with the most points makes the biggest splash and wins the game!