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Stress Botics

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Stress Botics es una aventura de ciencia ficción, donde la corporación Cubebotics CORP® envía 4 robots fácilmente estresables (conocidos como BetaBots) a un exoplaneta para extraer sus recursos. Una vez que extraídos esos recursos, la tarea de los BetaBots es entregarlos a las naves de la corporación.
(1-4 jugadores / +12 años / 60 - 135 min)
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A Space Mining Rushed Odyssey

Stress Botics is a heavy eurogame for 1 to 4 players that combines the work placement, the resource management with an unique zoom system never seen before on this kind of boardgames. The game playtime is between 60 and 135 minutes.

The game is organized in rounds (as many as Cubebotics‘ ships take to abandon the planet’s orbit). In each round, an event takes place (which might involve trouble for the Beta Bots!) and the players will need to program actions to interact with the planet’s resource-laden chambers, with enemies, with Alpha Bot, or with each other.

Actions are selected in secret and are revealed in order. All the players must decide the order before the beginning of the round. The stress level of each bot determines the turn order as well as its possible resource deliveries, and depends on the withstand strain (damage) and effort (actions). Each player has their own bot’s blueprint, where they manage resource storage using multiple containers of limited size. Apart from deliveries, resources can be transformed or spent to enhance the bot’s capabilities.


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