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Dive into the world of tropical birds in this engaging board game. Explore the islet, gather resources, and compete to create the perfect nests for your eggs. Players take turns to expand the islet by laying tiles and strategically advancing their pawns to spawn eggs. The game ends when a player spawns their last egg or when the last islet tile is drawn. The player with the most spawned eggs emerges as the winner. Experience the excitement of Islet now

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In Islet, you embody tropical birds seeking to nest on a small islet in the middle of the ocean.

During the game you will collectively explore the islet to collect materials, while competing to create the best nests to spawn, thus guaranteeing the continuity of your species.

On each of your turns you choose to either explore the islet to receive resources, or position yourself to create the perfect nests in which to spawn your precious eggs.

This way, together - as much as against one another - you’ll build a tropical islet with its different biomes, and whoever spawns all their eggs on the islet first will be the winner.

How to play:

Whoever has touched an egg most recently starts the game.

Starting with that player, take turns clockwise. On your turn, you must take either an EXPLORE or a MOVE action.

When you EXPLORE, you lay 1 to 4 tiles from your reserve, expanding the islet, and receive resources in return.

When you MOVE, you can ADVANCE your pawn and SPAWN (lay eggs), as many times as you want and in any order and combination, as long as you can pay the required resource cost.

The end of the game can be triggered in 2 different ways:
● When a player SPAWNS their last egg, their turn ends as normal and then the current round ends (so that everyone plays the same number of turns).
● When a player takes the last islet tile from the bag, the current round ends and a new round is played (so that everyone plays the same number of turns).

In any case, the player who spawned the most eggs wins the game.

Autor: Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance

Ilustrador: Tatiana Boyko

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