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2Tomatoes Games is a board game publisher that started in 2016 with Jordi and Álvaro. Since then, the tomatoes that make up this small family have multiplied, and so have the number of games that we publish.

At 2Tomatoes Games we publish licenses that have enjoyed global success, both for audiences that are new to the hobby - Magic Maze, Karak, Burgle Bros, Hanamikoji, Ponzi Scheme, Candy Crush- as well as for the most seasoned of players with masterpieces like Root, Pax Pamir, Oath, Yokohama or John Company...

..But we do so much more! We create our own exciting titles: Peak Oil, New Corp Order, Upstream, Petris, Rocódromo, Idus Martii and Escape Pods have been enjoyed by more than 10,000 people around the world; who eagerly await our next titles: Through Ice & Snow, Stress Botics, Coral, Safari Splash or Argonauts Quest among others.

Aware of the difficulties of publishing and distributing board games, we collaborate with other publishers, and use our experience, to make sure their game reach as many tables as possible - across the globe. We support original content creators; and we promote game development and play as a pedagogical and personal development tool with teachers, institutions and associations.

Unique Games

We aim to create original, engrossing and - above all - fun games that cater for all ages and gaming tastes.

Home Grown Games

We create and develop our own games by brilliant Spanish designers who have won awards at different conventions and gaming events.


We seek to create board games with the least environmental impact.

Follow us on YouTube

We have a YouTube channel where we keep you up to date on everything related to 2Tomatoes Games. If you're curious and would like to get to know us better, check it out - we're waiting for you there!

We also distribute games!

In addition to being a board game publisher, we are also a distributor of board games and role playing games.

If you are a publisher or have a board game and are interested in us distributing your games to stores across Spain, you can get in touch through the following link.

Find our games in your country!

2Tomatoes Games has distributors all over the world, making it easy for you to find our self-made games where you live.

With the following link you'll find the publishers we work with to bring our games to many different countries.

We're constantly growing - so the list will keep growing every month!

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