Welcome to the Cherry Community!

Introducing a new way to engage with 2Tomatoes and our board games.
This annual membership allows you to enjoy exclusive discounts on games that we have in our catalogue (10%) and pre-orders on upcoming titles (15%). You'll also get access to the Cherry Tomatoes exclusive Discord Channel, an exclusive newsletter and priority in shipping orders and Free shipping costs to Spain and the Balearic Islands.
On top of this, you can sign up to different game testing events to try out our latest titles before anyone else! Your feedback will literally help shape the next hit!

We're now over 1,000 cherries strong!

Special Discounts

For upcoming, preorder games as well as titles already in our catalogue.

Experience the development process!

Try our games out online while they're still in development and leave your feedback - and impression - on the game.

Priority Shipping

Your orders will take priority when it comes to shipping - so you'll get the latest games first!

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