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Great Sagas of 2Tomatoes Games

Discover some of the great series from 2 Tomatoes Games. Essential games from our catalog and its expansions.

Root is the multi-award-winning game by Cole Wehrle, an asymmetric war and adventure proposal in which 2 to 4 intrepid players compete for dominance of a forest populated by friendly creatures.

You also have different expansions available such as Los Ribereños and Los Subterráneos that add new factions, or Los Cachivaches, to add new bots in solo mode.

Magic Maze is a real-time cooperative game that is played mainly in silence and that will surprise you with its originality and freshness. It has received many awards and nominations, including best game in Spain and Germany 2017.


Also discover its Maximum Security and Hidden Roles expansions, as well as Magic Maze on Mars, a new independent game in the saga.

The Hanamikoji series is made up of different independent games, exclusive for 2 players, always set in the popular neighborhood of Hanamikoji, home of the greatest geishas of feudal Japan.


Dive into this series now with Hanamikoji, The Path of the Geisha and Shadows in Kyoto!

In Pages of History, discover our series of historical games, immerse yourself in the worlds of Cole Wherle's games, passing through Pocket Campaigns and our own productions.


Live history and interact with the best events!

Games that invite you to explore the world's natural treasures, from the coral reef to the depths of the forest, where nature comes to life.


Games inspired by nature that you can't miss!

Explore, expand and run your oil business in the exciting Peak Oil series, where every choice defines your success.


Oil is at your fingertips. Will you be able to obtain it?

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